5 Pumpkin Carving Tips

5 Pumpkin Carving Tips Halloween is tomorrow!  If you find yourself carving jack-o-lanterns this year, here are a few helpful tips to make it go more smoothly.  This post has nothing to do with IT Support, so if that’s a deal breaker stop reading. Start at the bottom – Traditionally you start a pumpkin by […]

Transitioning IT Providers

No Wrong Time to do the Right Thing – Transitioning IT Providers Recently I was meeting with a potential client about transitioning IT providers and they expressed significant frustrations with their current vendor.  It was a long list of problems.  Luckily, I had a solution for them.  Hire i.t.NOW to do their IT and kick […]

Proactive vs Reactive IT

Proactive vs Reactive IT A potential client reached out to me because they had recently been hit with ransomware for the 3rd time in 2 years.  Each time they had been able to recover their data.  However, each time they suffered significant annoyance, downtime, and lost productivity.  They needed to better understand proactive vs reactive […]

How to Prevent Ransomware

How to Prevent Ransomware This title may be a misnomer.  If anyone tells you, “I can 100% protect you against ransomware” don’t believe them.  It’s honestly kind of like COVID-19.  All the protections in the world and you may still get it somehow.  There are definitely things businesses can do reduce their risk.  So here […]