6 Indicators You’re at Risk for Ransomware

6 Indicators You’re at Risk for Ransomware Research reveals that there are 6 Indicators you’re at risk for ransomware.  These items if not properly addressed will exponentially increase your risk of an attack.  Here are the top 6 items you should look out for: No Centrally managed Anti-virus & Patching – Patching and Anti-Virus have […]

Firewall Basics

Firewall Basics One of the most important parts of a network security plan is a good business class firewall. However, it’s become apparent through conversations had over my career that most folks don’t know what a firewall is, or why it’s important. The goal today is to explain in simple terms the basics of what […]

Zoom Security Concerns

Zoom Security Concerns Businesses around the US have sent employees home to work following COVID-19 shelter in place orders.  This has caused a huge influx of users to video conferencing applications like Zoom.  However, security of these products is always a concern, and Zooms complete lack of security is apparent in recent media coverage. Frankly, […]

The Cost of Downtime

The Cost of Downtime Building resilient IT systems that minimize downtime is the name of the game.  Why?  Because the cost of downtime can be staggering. Recent Examples March 2015, a 12-hour Apple store outage cost the company $25 million. August 2016, a five-hour power outage in an operation center caused 2,000 cancelled flights and […]

Legal IT Solutions

Legal IT Solutions From small legal startups to larger firms, i.t.NOW provides legal IT solutions and expertise.  Our team of technology consultants and strategists have deployed, supported and managed the IT solutions that law firms need to succeed. Working with small and mid-sized firms we take the hassle out of managing your technology and allow […]

The Age of Cloud: How Did We Benefit From This Revolutionary Tech Concept

The Age of Cloud: How Did We Benefit From This Revolutionary Tech Concept Cloud services have taken the world of business by storm and revolutionized it. By now, 94% of enterprises already use cloud service, while 30% of all IT budgets are invested in cloud computing. Statistics of market adoption seem to prove this technology’s […]

Is the cloud secure?

Is the cloud secure

Is the cloud secure? Cloud Security vs On Premise Security Many of my discussions lately have centered around moving to the cloud.  I don’t think it’s a conversation that’s going away anytime soon.  There is one question that always gets asked that I wanted to talk about today.  Is the cloud secure? The short answer […]