Proactive vs Reactive IT

Proactive vs Reactive IT A potential client reached out to me because they had recently been hit with ransomware for the 3rd time in 2 years.  Each time they had been able to recover their data.  However, each time they suffered significant annoyance, downtime, and lost productivity.  They needed to better understand proactive vs reactive […]

How to Prevent Ransomware

How to Prevent Ransomware This title may be a misnomer.  If anyone tells you, “I can 100% protect you against ransomware” don’t believe them.  It’s honestly kind of like COVID-19.  All the protections in the world and you may still get it somehow.  There are definitely things businesses can do reduce their risk.  So here […]

Working Remotely? Here Are Cybersecurity Basics You Need to Know

Working Remotely? Here Are Cybersecurity Basics You Need to Know Working remotely has become standard in today’s digital world, even prior to the global health crisis forcing us all to stay at home. Although there are definitely tons of perks to working remotely, one huge drawback is that you don’t have physical access to IT […]

IT Security Rundown

IT Security Rundown I thought we would switch it up this week and do a rundown of some hot topics in security.  Here are a few that I’ve picked out that seemed relevant to our audience with links to more in depth articles if you want to know more. Group Policy Exploit A recent batch […]