i.t.NOW Vision of IT Services

Known as the foremost expert advisor of IT services in the Rocky Mountain Region, i.t.NOW provides cutting edge technology solutions delivered through our highly developed and intelligent team members. We guarantee real-time solutions, up-time, and a stellar client experience.

i.t.NOW Mission

We are dedicated and invested in our client’s success, wellbeing, and uptime. We ensure that the client experience is stellar while understanding that each employee makes all the difference. To this end we commit to furthering internal development and training, while maintaining a healthy work-life integration. Our open and collaborative work atmosphere fosters individuality and personality which in turn create powerful connections with our valued clients.

i.t.NOW Values


Our work lifeblood is the Latin motto, Ut Prosim – “That I May Serve”. Our service ethic is demonstrated in every interaction and colors our service delivery culture. Our service is everything; we are of one mind and one purpose as we exemplify complete responsiveness, honesty, integrity, humility, kindness and intelligence.


We are committed to a higher purpose; our loyalty to our clients and each other is unsurpassed. Our stewardship is the solemn responsibility of overseeing and protecting our i.t.NOW work family, our amazing clients, and delivering a stellar experience for both.


We believe that each individual has the capacity to become a leader. We take the initiative to develop intelligence in the workplace, and promote development, training and coaching within our teams. Our knowledgeable, intelligent, and wise employees are continually showing initiative in their efforts to better our processes, our company and themselves. Our proactive approach to change is an outward sign of our desire to share wisdom and knowledge. We work diligently to support and celebrate the success of each member of our i.t.NOW family.


We thrive on innovation and have a passion for technology. We develop strong and collaborative relationships while at work and know that i.t.NOW is a circle of safety. As we strive to promote creative, open-minded thinking, individuality becomes a natural extension of our adventurous selves. Know this: Only excellence will suffice!