HIPAA Compliance in Salt Lake City is no easy task

Medical professionals are faced with the daunting task of trying to manage network security and HIPAA compliance while balancing the needs of their practice.  It can be challenging.  i.t.NOW wants to give you a head start on your HIPAA compliance.  See below for some HIPAA network security basics, and fill out the form below if you want the experts at i.t.NOW to give you a free assessment.  We’re security experts, and can consult with you on how we can make your HIPAA Compliance Salt Lake City a snap.

HIPAA Compliance Basics


A properly configured firewall is necessary for HIPAA compliance.  It’s also one of the first steps to securing your business.  It keeps the bad guys out, and controls external access to the network.


Both onsite and offsite backups are required for HIPAA compliance.  These need to be maintained regularly to show that PHI is being protected.

Patches and Updates

Microsoft releases security patches and other needed updates every week.  These need to be applied in a timely manner to keep you in HIPAA compliance.

Drive Encryption

Encryption of PHI is another requirement of HIPAA.  This minimizes risk that any data would be accessible even if a breech did happen.  Encryption solutions for hard drives and servers alike should be put in place.


HIPAA compliance also calls for protection of endpoints by installing Anti-Malware.  This helps to prevent, detect and report any malicious software that may infect your network.

Access Control

All PHI should be protected by a system that allows access control.  That means that everything is password protected, and that those logins are tracked and kept secure.  Ideally you can centrally administer who has access to PHI, and change that access quickly if needed.

Much, Much, More…..

This brief tutorial is really just the tip of the iceberg.  From having a HIPAA compliant EMR software solution, to physical network security, to strong passwords, to multi factor authentication.  You’ll need to know about encrypted email, automatic logoff, and more.  There is a lot to learn.

So let us help.  i.t.NOW has security experts that have worked with medical professionals for years.  We know your industry.  We know the headaches of HIPAA, and we’re chock full of solutions.  Fill out the form below for a free HIPAA Security Assessment, and let us take the paid out of HIPAA compliance for your organization.

HIPAA Compliance Checklist

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