8 Hidden Benefits of Outsourcing IT through Managed Services

Benefits of Managed Services

8 Hidden Benefits of Outsourcing IT through Managed Services

Putting out fires every day can leave your IT department burned out. No matter how skilled and experienced your IT employees may be, they can’t perform at their best when they’re burdened with mundane responsibilities and routine tasks. What happens when you eliminate these distractions and free up your in-house IT staff by outsourcing to managed services?

  1. You Avoid the Leading Cause of Security Breaches: Human Error

Four out of five cyber security incidents occur because of human error, according to a Kaspersky report. Even the most diligent in-house IT staff will occasionally make mistakes, especially when the department is stretched too thin. By outsourcing some or all of the workload to automated IT services, you can eliminate the vast majority of security vulnerabilities.

  1. You Outpace the Competition

Outsourcing your IT to managed services gives you the advantages of a well staffed, leading-edge IT department, without the investment costs. That helps level the playing field against your bigger competitors.

  1. You Minimize Risk

Your business faces security and compliance issues every day. The insights of managed services can help you avoid the biggest risks and roadblocks specific to your industry.

  1. You Prevent Costly Downtime

Virtually every failure that leads to expensive downtime is preventable. The key is to identify and solve system issues before they become a major problem. A managed IT service provider can assess the overall performance and security of your IT infrastructure, and then recommend specific products and services to solve any problems found.

  1. You Never Have To Deal with IT Employee Headaches Again

Your company might spend weeks or months searching for new IT employees, hiring them, and training them, only to find out that they don’t perform up to your expectations. But with a managed service provider, you can avoid those unpleasant surprises. Instead, you’ll work with a large team of experienced and vetted industry professionals who get the job done starting on the first day.

  1. You Get More Out Of Your IT Budget

When you use IT support outsourcing to support your in-house staff, you pay only for what you need. That allows you to drive greater ROI from your IT budget.

  1. You Have Total Confidence in Your IT Team

Managed IT service providers have probably solved every imaginable problem that your business could face. The breadth of their experience usually goes far beyond that of most in-house IT departments. Managed services often know the fastest and most effective solutions to practically any IT problem. That’s especially valuable in an emergency, when your network is down and the clock is ticking.

  1. You Tap Into the True Value of Your IT Employees

More than 65% of IT expenditures go toward ordinary, everyday tasks that do nothing to move your business forward. That means most companies are wasting valuable IT talent on routine daily tasks that could be outsourced to a managed service provider. When you free up your in-house staff, they can focus on executing meaningful strategies that add real value to your business. That’s perhaps the biggest hidden benefit of outsourcing IT through managed services.

About the Author:  This guest post was provided by the professionals at Intelligent Technical Solutions in Las Vegas Nevada.  Since 2003, ITS has helped businesses thrive across the Las Vegas metro area by managing their technology.  You can learn more about their company here.