Modern Data Standards: HIPAA

HIPAA Employee BenefitsYou’re probably not directly familiar with HIPAA unless you work in the health industry or an industry that has to interact with it. So, why should you care? The simple answer is that these are the laws and standards that govern personal information about our individual health. HIPAA is an acronym for: The Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Among many things, it sets forth guidelines for how health data is to be stored, transferred, and processed between different organizations that require that information. Read more

Modern Data Standards: SAS 70

compliance on digital tabletIn this day and age every industry has different standards that they need to meet. However, there are some standardization systems that transcend industries. This is especially true in our industry of IT service and data storage. We often deal with many different companies in many different industries. We are responsible for data that ranges from company records, to customer profiles. Read more

7 Ways Smartphones Have Improved Business Computing

Smiling Business Man Talking on Mobile PhoneIn the old days (AKA 10 years ago), running a successful business meant being chained to a desk in order to send out memos, keep up to date with Internet trends, network, and get work done. However, technology is ever evolving.

Here are 7 ways smartphones are vastly improving the way we use computers for business: Read more

Prepare for Emergencies With Data Backup

Cloud file lockWhen implementing an emergency preparedness plan for your business, data backup is a key component. Even an over-zealous thunderstorm could compromise your company’s information systems, costing you time and money as you try to get things back online. Setting up secure, offsite data storage will give you the resources you need to weather any storm and will give you peace of mind in the meantime. Read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Business Email

Portrait of concetrated businesswoman working at officeEmailing has become an essential business tool that everyone in the workforce needs to be able to use. This convenient technology comes with a few pitfalls, though, that could get you into some trouble. Work-related emails need to follow a few simple guidelines in order to ensure that they represent you and your business in the best light. Read more

Put Our Help Desk Support to Work For Your Business

outsourceIn this fast paced world, there is no way to remain competitive without high powered computers and few things can be more frustrating than computers that aren’t functioning correctly. At IT Now, our Help Desk Support team can help make sure that your computers are always running like they should. Our technicians are both proficient and polite. So, they will get to the root of your issues in a fast and friendly manner– without the use of esoteric jargon. Read more

Updates: Keeping Your Hardware Up To Date

Computers have so many facets, that sometimes it can seem impossible to stay at the frontier of innovation, much less maintain a level of survivability. Software typically comes with built in features to notify you of changes or available updates, but hardware isn’t usually so straightforward. Some hardware does come with software which will notify you of driver updates, but this isn’t always guaranteed. Even if a company does offer driver updates, it is not typical that they will inform you that your hardware itself is getting old. Oftentimes, they will simply stop their driver updates.

Fortunately, with IT Now’s Custom Workstation Solutions, we can take on all of these responsibilities for you. Due to the fact that we manage so many happy customers, we are able to offer you advantages in market pricing using our high volume orders with well established tech companies. Additionally, under our Custom Workstation Solutions, we provide you with complete support for any issues you might encounter including direct customer service reps and remote desktop assistance. Read more

Equipping Your Office – Laptop or Desktop?

When business owners or managers set up their office for the first time, and each time new employees are added, there are several practical accommodations and decisions that need to be made. Office furniture needs to be purchased to provide seating and work space for each employee, and, of course, computers are needed too.

Business owners must decide whether the company would be best served by purchasing laptop or desktop computers for their employees. Ultimately, the choice may be one of preference, but there are some practical considerations that must be taken into account as well. Here are a few things to think about. Read more

Workplace Computer Use – Keeping it Professional

When we’re at work, we need to be professional. Even in a casual or laid-back workplace, it’s important to observe some basic rules of etiquette. While this is true in all areas of your job and interactions with coworkers, it is especially important to be professional and courteous in your computer use. Here are some of the basic rules to keep in mind: Read more

Technology Solutions for Telecommuting

It may or may not come as a surprise to you to find out that roughly 30 million Americans work remotely from home at least one day every month. That number will continue to grow larger as employers and employees implement best practices to make telecommuting worthwhile for both parties.

One of the most important ways to make telecommuting mutually beneficial is to ensure your employees have access to the technology they need to do their jobs well. Let’s take a look at what this may entail. Read more