How to Set Up Office 365 on an Android Device

In this tutorial we will give a basic overview on how to setup your Android device to Office 365 Service as a first time setup. The screen shots have been taken of an Android phone. Please note that all Androids are slightly different so it’s possible that your device may require slightly different steps than those described below. Step 1: Get into the settings of your phone to delete current account. (To get to setting tap the “settings” icon on the home screen OR tap your phone “menu” button from the home screen, then tap “system settings” option OR tap the Menu icon on the home screen then tap the “Settings” icon.) Step 2: Scroll to down to “Accounts and sync” and tap it. Step 3: Tap on your current Exchange account. Tap the menu button and then select delete account. Reboot phone. Step 4: Tap “Add Account” Step 5: Tap “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” or “Corporate” (On this device it shows up as “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” but we have found that the wording varies from device to device.) Step 6: Auto configure settings. If auto configure does not work, here are the manual settings:
  • Server:
  • Domain: Leave blank
  • Username: Your Office 365 email address
  • Description: Exchange
Step 7: Select account options. Pick options that you feel are best for your needs. Keep in mind that the longer history you chose to sync and the larger amount of data you initially retrieve, the more your phones resources are taxed. Default settings are typically the best for the phone, but not necessarily the best for your needs. Step 8: Uncheck “Sync SMS”. If your phone has this option, we suggest that you disable “Sync SMS”. If your phone is used for personal text message conversations you may not want your text messages sent to your corporate server. If you chose to sync your contacts they will integrate into your current phone’s contacts. Step 9: Name your Exchange account. This is something that you can easily identify the account by. This is commonly used when you have multiple email accounts on the phone. Step 10: If everything went smoothly, go check your mail! Keep in mind that based on your current connection speed and the personal options you picked above the time to fully sync your account will vary. If everything didn’t go smoothly feel free to contact our team! Phone: 801.562.8778 Support Portal: E-mail: [email protected]