Local Storage vs The Cloud

Have you ever heard of the possibility of saving your things in a cloud? Cloud computing and the possibilities of having all of your data stored in an easily accessible, remote location has opened up all sorts of possibilities in today’s technology world. However, many question whether it is the best alternative to local storage.

Local Storage
Local storage has been around for many years. You use local storage when you save your files onto a hard drive, flash drive, or any other device that provides a back up to your local computer. External drives and USB connections have proven to be some of the most popular choices among local storage choices.

Local storage is prized for its cost, security, and speed. Local storage, such as an external hard drive or a flash drive, is a one-time investment. Once the technology is acquired, there is no further cost for use. It also allows you to easily transfer any material on the local storage unit from one device to another (as long as they are compatible). It is also one of the safest devices because you need physical access to the device in order to see its file. Local storage devices can also be easily encrypted, making it so that only those with the correct authentication can open the files.

Cloud Storage
On the other hand, cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular due to its accessibility and portability. Cloud storage allows you to create a system that is instantaneously accessible to any number of devices. Because the system is stored in a “cloud” and not held locally on any device, it requires little space, which allows you to access all of its files from your smallest technologies, including smart phones and tablets.

The biggest question surrounding the cloud is its security. With all the data accessible through user names and passwords, cloud storage has been known to be the target of hackers. Hacking a system provides the intruder complete access to any stored information.

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both local storage and cloud storage systems. When choosing a storage system for your business, if you aren’t sure which is best for you, contact an IT expert for advice specific to your situation and needs.