Server Basics

When several people are collaborating on a project, it can be difficult to keep track of all the necessary documents in a location that everyone can access. One solution is to use an internal server. A server acts as a central computer to store all the information from your business. It also serves as the administrator and router for all of your company’s computers and communication devices. Each individual computer connects to the company network, which allows information to be easily stored and accessed.

This connection is particularly helpful in the sharing of information. Co-workers can work on the same Word document, Excel file, or Powerpoint presentation from different computers. Any computer that is connected to the server can be given access, regardless of their physical location. This can be particularly helpful when certain employees or parts of your business are located in different regions.

A server can also help keep your customer information up to date. With all of the computers linked, when one employee updates information on a customer, that information is instantly accessible by all other employees. This decreases the hassle of making sure that you have access to the most current information or document.

It is possible to establish different levels of access within your server. If you are handling particularly sensitive information, you can make it so that only specific employees have the ability to access certain folders or files. This helps you maintain any level of necessary confidentiality.

If you are finding yourself frustrated by a lack of organization, or if your projects are blocked by a lack of communication or coordination, then a server could be a viable option. Talk with a local IT company to see how a server could benefit your business.