Benefits of Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

We live in a modern world of specialization where skill sets are extremely deep in a specific niche.  IT is a super broad field that typically requires an entire team of individuals to create a complete solution.  The problem for small businesses is that they do not have enough needs or budget for a full time IT staff.  Outsourcing is the solution.  Here are some of the key benefits.

1.  Cost Savings – One of the number one benefits of outsourcing IT services is saving money.  Many small and medium businesses have needs for IT management.  They need someone to do help desk support.  They need someone to manage servers and storage.  They need someone to administer exchange, or application servers.

However, they don’t have any of these needs on a full time basis.  If you hire a full time IT guy he’ll probably only be an expert in 1 or 2 areas.  That means either he’ll work on a lot of things he’s not comfortable with, or he’ll call experts when he needs help.  In addition in house staff needs to be trained, and they have paid benefits.

Outsourcing often offers a much more complete solution at SIGNIFICANTLY discounted rates from what you pay a full time employee.  We often save folks changing from full house IT staff 50-70% off their IT budget, while offering a full staff of IT professionals.

2.  Experts – Having trained professionals doing IT can be important.  Frequently small businesses will have a “techie” on staff that gets tasked with IT.  They have no formal training, but are simply asked to figure it out.  This can suck hours out of what their primary job function was supposed to be.  It can also lead to dangerous and costly IT management mistakes.

The other side of that coin is having a professional that is asked to do work beyond his/her training.  This can be equally as dangerous and costly.  Having the right expert on the job that is trained and up to speed can make all the difference with the success of your IT projects.

3.  Stay focused on core business – Even if you have employees capable of learning enough about IT to make things functional it might not be the best idea.  Strategy dictates that you allow those employees stay dedicated to the job functions they were hired for.  Other duties can distract from your core business and deter growth.  Outsource your IT and stay focused on what matters most.

4. Reduce risk – There is some risk inherit with management of IT.  That risk can be greatly reduced by outsourcing.  A managed IT services provider can offer you much better solutions for managing IT security, data backups, and other areas of IT that carry the most risk.  They can also help with strategic IT planning.

5. Improve Service Delivery – Outsourced IT providers are in a much better situation to offer fast response times than in house IT staff because of the plethora of resources at their fingertips.  Quality providers are set up with a centralized IT documentation system, a centralized ticketing system, and MANY more technicians.  This allows them to respond faster and better from an IT service delivery standpoint.

There are a lot more good reasons to outsource your IT support.  These are just a few.  We would be happy to discuss your specific business’s needs to see if you could save money, improve service delivery, eliminate risk, and more.  Call us today!