Legal IT Solutions

From small legal startups to larger firms, i.t.NOW provides legal IT solutions and expertise.  Our team of technology consultants and strategists have deployed, supported and managed the IT solutions that law firms need to succeed. Working with small and mid-sized firms we take the hassle out of managing your technology and allow you to focus on what’s most important, your clients.  Larger firms often have internal resources that can assist with the daily support requests but find themselves needing assistance with specialized projects such as security or business continuity. i.t.NOW works closely with software manufacturers to support the applications that are most important to you.  This includes; document management systems, time and billing systems, cost recovery systems, case managements, and all other technological aspects of the legal profession.

Quick Answers

Our help-desk allows your staff to get the quick answers they need so they can get right back to work.  We guarantee our response times, have 100% US based staff, and are there M-F 8-6 to assist.  We even have a technician on-call for those after hour emergencies.  Your users will get UNLIMITED access to support for any hardware, software, or application issues they may have.  This allows your team to spend less time working on their technology and more time with clients. There are several different ways you can get help.  If you call our help-desk for assistance one of our highly trained staff will assist you.  You can also submit requests via email, or through our online portal.  All requests generate a ticket no matter how they are made.  This allows every issue to be tracked to resolution and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.  You can also check the status of a request and see technician notes in our online portal as well.

Cyber Security

Law firms can have extensive exposure to sensitive information. Data stored within business systems attached to the IT network and cloud make law-firms a major target for hackers and cyber-criminals intent on stealing valuable information. i.t.NOW works with every client to ensure they have a secure network.  Security works best when it has several layers.  Strong firewalls, perimeter defenses, performance monitoring, and endpoint protection are all parts of an effective security solution.  We take a look at your firm’s specific security needs to ensure that we have a solution that is right sized for your business.

Time and Billing Software

Billable time is critical to a successful law practice.  Our team of legal technology specialists work with software manufacturers to provide support for time, billing and cost management applications. This allows your staff to stay productive and profitable.

Practice and Case Management Systems

Practice, and case management systems are the heart of many law firm practices. Whether you need help and support for an existing implementation, want to look at a new solution to add functionality, or are just getting started with case management, i.t.NOW can help.  Our goal as a technology partner is to help you minimize frustrations and maximize your investment.

Document Management

In partnership with leading software manufacturers i.t.NOW works to support the document management solutions that matter to law firms.  We work to ensure that the solution you choose has the proper technology resources to run efficiently.  We’ll monitor the solution for performance and ensure that all the data it houses is protected.

Disaster Recovery

Another important part of complete legal IT solutions for law firms is having a plan for disaster recovery.  What would happen if there was a fire in your office, and your server room was destroyed?  What if there were an earthquake that knocked your systems offline?  Planning for these types of events will give you peace of mind knowing that your business can withstand anything the world can throw at it. i.t.NOW assists it’s clients by ensuring that they have proper backups.  We monitor those backups.  We report on those backups.  If anything happens to the backups, we fix them immediately.  In addition to local backups for fast recovery we keep offsite copies of client’s data upon request.  This allows them to recover from whole site disasters. There are even more advanced options for disaster recovery.  Since time is money (especially for law firms), i.t.NOW has solutions that allow you to spin up quickly from a disaster.  We can even spin up your entire network in the cloud if you subscribe to our advanced recovery service.  Protecting your data and your livelihood is our number one priority.

Email Archiving

Email is a critical system to most businesses, especially law firms.  i.t.NOW partners with Office 365 to offer best in class solutions for email.  Office 365 boasts 99.9% uptime and has robust security features to meet the need of your firm.  In addition, it has an email archiving feature that allows you to simply and easily meet the compliance needs that many law firms have.

We’re Professionals

i.t.NOW has been around for over 20 years providing legal IT solutions and can put that experience to work for your firm.  Click on the button below to talk with an expert about how we can help take the burden of technology off your shoulders and allow you to get back to growing your practice and focusing on what matters most.

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