Syncing Your Work Email with Your Mobile Device: Pros and Cons

These days many jobs require you to take work home. They may even buy you a laptop and pay for your cellphone so you can do your job from anywhere. Depending on your job, getting your work email on your phone is required. This will mostly be for employees that need to be on call at odd hours of the day.

For most phones you can easily sync your emails accounts by going into settings or setup. From there you can go into mail and select “accounts,” then “add account.”

For those of you who have achoice, you should consider some pros and cons of syncing your phone up with your work email account. Once you have looked it over you can decide if this option is the right one for you or if it will only cause you undue stress.


  • You can check emails from anywhere without pulling out your laptop and finding an internet connection.

  • If you forgot to send an important email while at work, you can still type and send it as soon as you remember. It will just take longer to type with those mini keys on your phone screen.

  • When your company sends out the email that everyone is excused early to go to happy hour, you will be sure to not miss out.

  • If you often work on site at a client’s location, you will still be in quick contact with anyone at the home office.

  • You may be able to relax better knowing you won’t miss any important notifications or that if you need to, you can get work done from anywhere.  At least anywhere that your phone still works.


  • You may be treated like you are on call even though you are not. If people know they can reach you anytime, they will be more likely to do so.

  • You might prefer to keep work time separate from relaxation time. If the thought of checking emails from work while sitting on the couch stresses you out, then you will want to limit your phone to personal use.

  • You will no longer have an excuse for not seeing a last-minute memo.

  • If you forget to turn off your phone at events, it will be one more risk to getting accusing stares when your phone sounds a notification at the wrong time.

  • Your supervisor or coworkers may expect you to do more work than what you are already taking on. They might even intentionally plan to send you notices after work hours if they are