Navigating Windows 8 Without a Touch Screen

Windows 8 has upped the traditional desktop operating system. Its colorful tiles are now easily moved and accessed with a touch of your finger.

But for those who have their Windows 8 system installed on a non-touch screen computer, the tiles can, at first, be difficult to use. How do your open the different applications, switch between apps, and zoom in without touching your screen? In this article we’ll take a look at how to navigate through Windows 8 using your traditional keyboard and mouse.

Your Start screen is, forgive the pun, the place to start. With your keyboard, you can access the Start screen by pressing the Windows key. If you are using your mouse, simply move the cursor to the Start screen icon (at your lower-left corner) and click.

The Charms panel is another important place. This thin, vertical panel is where your Share, Settings, and Device icons live.

There are several ways to access these icons with your keyboard. If you want to go into the Charms panel, then hit the Windows key + C on your keyboard. However, you can also go straight to the icons within the Charms panel by hitting Windows+H (Share icon), Windows+I (Settings icon), Windows+K (Device icon).

To get into the Charms panel with your mouse, point your cursor to the top right corner of your screen. The panel will then open, giving you access to the icons inside.

Now you need to be able to open your apps and switch between them. To open the App menu with your keyboard, push Windows+Z. You can jump from app to app by pushing Windows+Tab.

You can open the App menu with your mouse by right clicking anywhere in the window. When you point to the upper left corner of your screen, you will have the ability to move to your next app.

To zoom in or out of a photo, web page, or map with your keyboard, simply push Ctrl+ the (+) or (-). With you mouse, you still must press the Ctrl key, but then you turn your mouse’s scroll key in the appropriate direction.

This beginning guide to the basics features of Windows 8 will allow you to enjoy this operating system without a touch screen, ensuring that you can access all of your necessary programs and functions.