What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is the virtual operating system that is run by Google. While Google Drive is yet another option in the increasing number of cloud storage servers, it is distinguishing itself due to many of its unique traits. In this article, we’ll take a look at the basic functions and capabilities of Google Drive. At its most basic function, Google Drive is a cloud storage device where you can hold over 30 different types of files, including documents, photos, music, video (including HD), and files from programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Due to the cloud nature of the device, once a file has been stored on Google Drive, you have the capability of accessing that file from any of your devices, including computers and mobile devices. Google does not limit what type of devices that you can use to access your information. This means that you can switch between PCs and Macs without any problems once you have downloaded the Google Drive software. Once you have your information stored on Google Drive, you can make changes to those files. The changes that you make are saved on the Drive and are then accessible on all of your devices. Google Drive has the added feature that you can review any revisions that you have made over the previous 30 days, which allows you to see what changes have been made or revert to an earlier revision. Google Drive also allows you to share your stored information with other people. The different privacy settings allow you to determine who has access and what type of access they have. This means that you can share particular files with only the people of your choosing, then you can decide whether they have permission simply to view the files or whether they can make changes to them. Google Drive is free for the first 5GB of storage. After that, different levels of storage can be purchased for various prices. As is to be expected, the more storage you need, the higher your monthly subscription fee. However, when you purchase a subscription, Google will also expand the storage capabilities of your Gmail account. The capabilities and added features that are available with Google Drive is quickly making it one of the most popular cloud storage options available.