Mobile Technology: Commerce

smartphone, mobile banking

To finish our discussion on how mobile technology is changing that way that we do business, in this article we want to focus on the commerce aspect. For small business owners, mobile technology can have a huge impact on how you handle the buying, selling, and all money aspects of your business.

Mobile technology can be involved in collecting and recording money in your business in many different ways. One of the major ways is through purchasing. Through the creation of mobile websites and apps, businesses can reach their customers through their mobile devices. Once the customer is on your site, the mobile technology allows you to accept and process orders electronically from your customers. If you create a mobile sized catalog, you can also have it delivered to your customers on their mobile devices.

Mobile technology also gives businesses another opportunity to offer loyalty cards, coupons, or vouchers to your customers. These perks can be sent directly to your customers on their mobile device, which can then be presented in the store to redeem the deal.

One huge asset to delivering these deals with mobile technology is that you have the option to offer them based on your customer’s location. The location-based technology in many mobile devices can help you target specific geographic areas. It also allows you to track and monitor people who use or purchase your product based on their location, allowing you to be more effective in your overall marketing strategy.

Mobile technology is also having a huge impact on event ticketing. Customers can buy and cancel tickets through their mobile devices, even up to the last minute. You can also have your system set up to accept electronic tickets, which your customers display on their mobile device. This is extremely convenient for the customer, who can use the tickets immediately instead of having to wait for tickets in the mail or worry about printing them off at home.

Lastly, mobile technology can help you track and record your revenues and expenses. Mobile banking allows you to access your account information at any time. It also allows you to check account balances, deposit checks (with your smartphone camera) and transfer funds. Many brokerage accounts also have mobile-friendly sites or apps, which means that you have instant access to any stocks, bonds, or other accounts that you hold. This allows you to stay updated on your business finances no matter where you are.

And this is only the beginning. As mobile technology continues to advance, the ways that it interacts with and enhances your possibilities as a business owner will also continue to expand.