4 Mobile Apps for CPAs

Thanks to apps that run on our mobile devices, most of us can get through a work day without being tied to our desktop. This increases productivity as well as breaks up the monotony of being stuck in a cubicle or office all day. There are truly apps for everything and every profession, from CPAs to personal trainers. Whether they are productive or just fun, you can find an application for what you need. Below we discuss 4 essential mobile apps for CPAs that will make your business run more efficiently than ever before.


  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is by far the best and most popular file sharing app out there because of all it can do and how easy it is to use. Accountants have seemingly endless amounts of paperwork and digital files to contend with, but this app can help you organize and manage it all. Dropbox allows users to create client folders, sort files within them, then access them from anywhere with your iPad or iPhone. Files may be shared with other users, making Dropbox ideal for team collaboration. You also get the added security of cloud backup. No longer will a CPA be chained to bulky file cabinets, stuffed file folders or overflowing inboxes when they use the Dropbox app.


  1. powerOne Finance Pro Calculator

powerOne Pro Financial calculator is an app that is ideal for CPAs, to be used on the iPhone or iPad. This financial edition of the app will do 401k calculations, currency conversions, auto leases and loans, breakevens, cash flows, bonds and more. PowerOne even has a graph feature that helps users visualize information, which can be helpful if you’re explaining figures to a client.


  1. Keynote 

Keynote is a fantastic presentation app for when you need to address a group of colleagues or clients. Now available for iPad, users can create a detailed presentation with transitions, animated charts, themes and customized graphic styles, as well as many more cutting-edge features. To add or edit slides, you can open up Microsoft PowerPoint and simply add videos or photos with Media Browser. Access and edit presentations from your iPad, iPhone, Mac or iPod Touch via iCloud. Keynote will automatically save presentations as you make changes to them. Presentations can easily be copied to apps like Dropbox, and exported to PDF format or PowerPoint. Links can instantly be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Messages or Mail.


  1. iDonatedIt

Created by a CPA firm, iDontatedIt is an app that tracks values and reports non-cash donations to charity for income tax purposes. With this app, a CPA can assist those who have decided to donate items instead of having a time-consuming garage sale. When it comes tax time, iDonatedIt will have kept track of all the IRS compliant donations in an organized list as well as allow users to attach photos of the items.


If you are a CPA, we suggest using these apps to make your life easier and your business run smoother!