Firing People Sucks – The right IT Solution can help

Firing People Sucks – The right IT Solution can help

Getting fired sucks.  Firing people sucks almost as bad.  There is an element of uncertainty in it.  You don’t know how they’re going to react.  Will they cry?  Are they going to get angry?  Will they throw stuff?  Will you have to call security and have them escorted out?

Worse than that, will they take those feelings of betrayal and frustration and try to strike back at the company?  If they do get vengeful, what data do they have access to?  Do they have your whole client list?  If they’re a sales person will they take that and go work for the competition?  How do you keep them from doing so?

IT Can Help

We can’t make it less awkward.  IT guys aren’t really known for that.  What we can do is make sure that company data stays intact, and that the unfortunate employees access to the network is shut off immediately.  How do we do that?  There’s a few ways.

Active Directory

Microsoft has something called Active Directory.  It’s essentially the central repository of all security permissions across an entire business network.  This allows us to manage on a granular basis the data an employee has access to.  It also allows us to terminate that access at a moments notice.

These permissions apply to all computers across the business network, so we can shut down their access to all machines at once.


Email is another area where possible data leakage might occur.  We typically recommend Office 365 or Exchange for our clients.  These solutions allow you to terminate access to an employees email from a central management portal.

Another feature of these email platforms is remote wipe functionality.  We can actually send a command to remote wipe all of the data on a phone to ensure that their access to company email is completely shut down, and that they can’t reference old emails.

Data Deletion

In an extreme circumstance where an employee had a company provided laptop with sensitive data on it, we can help too.  i.t.NOW has the ability through our remote monitoring and management solution to issue a command to a machine and have it pack up all the data on the C: drive.  It then uploads that data back to you and deletes if from off the laptop.  It can also report on the location of the machine, what it’s being used for and other data.  This is typically used in the case of theft, but could be handy to recover company property or data from a rogue employee as well.

We’re here to help

If your business doesn’t have a good process in place for on-boarding or off-boarding employees i.t.NOW can help.  We can’t make it less awkward, but we can help you secure your company data and ease you mind in a tough situation.  Call us today for a free network evaluation.