Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud computing

There’s a reason so many businesses are taking advantage of what the cloud offers. Cloud computing allows your employees to work on the go, boosting productivity and collaboration, while simultaneously reducing costs. Purchasing, installing, and maintaining your own servers and IT infrastructure can be very costly, and if you ever have to face a disaster, such as a flood or a power surge during a storm, your systems could be damaged and productivity could slow to a crawl. In order to avoid many of the pitfalls and expenses of maintaining a complex IT infrastructure, more businesses are opting to go for the cloud instead. Here’s why:

Working On The Go Is The Future

By now, you’ve probably noticed that your employees are using smartphones and tablets when they work. The smartphone revolution has made working on the go a breeze, but if your business doesn’t have the necessary cloud infrastructure, you will be leaving productivity on the table. Today’s employees are traveling more than ever in order to meet clients, suppliers, and business partners. The cloud allows them to work as they travel, instantly keeping up with new changes to company projects and never missing details from that critical meeting.

Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

As previously stated, it costs a lot of money to install and maintain servers and other IT infrastructure on-site. But it can be even more expensive to upgrade that technology when the time comes. To make matters worse, you can’t be quite sure if you bought enough hardware to meeting your company’s capacity, especially as your business grows over time. The cloud takes care of all of those issues. You can easily scale your cloud usage up as your business grows, and you only pay for what you use. You can avoid costly installation and repair costs for hardware that will likely soon become outdated anyway too.

i.t.NOW’s Cloud Computing Services

At i.t.NOW, we provide several cloud based services for our clients. We understand what our clients are trying to get out of the cloud, and that’s why we offer several cloud computing packages, all of which include business applications such as QuickBooks. Office licensing is also included, so you can easily complete and share projects through the cloud computing. Getting acclimated to the cloud is easy, and we offer unlimited remote support for any issues that you may have. Start getting more done in less time with i.t.NOW’s cloud based solutions!