Server Basics

When several people are collaborating on a project, it can be difficult to keep track of all the necessary documents in a location that everyone can access. One solution is to use an internal server. A server acts as a central computer to store all the information from your business. It also serves as the […]

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions from i.t.NOW

In 2011, Bluffdale City was looking for a way to consolidate and upgrade its data backup and recovery needs. To do so, Bluffdale representatives searched for a company that provided a comprehensive and time-tested data backup and recovery solution. Enter i.t.NOW. i.t.NOW is a Utah-based provider of I.T. solutions including data backup and recovery, cloud […]

Adware, Spyware, Malware and Viruses

Any computer owner has heard of all the many potential dangers that can crash your system. The words “malware,” “adware,” “spyware,” and “viruses” are used to describe the potential dangers that come from connecting your computer to the Internet. By understanding the differences between these malicious programs, you can better identify potential problems with your […]

Email Management 101

Email has become one of the leading methods of communication in the business world, used to manage projects, serve customers, secure new business, and correspond with fellow employees. You and your employees probably use email on a daily basis. The amount of information passing through your company’s email servers creates several different challenges and risks, […]


Have you ever been on the Internet at work and run into a message declaring that you cannot access a site due to your firewall? What exactly is that firewall? And how is it ultimately helping you? Firewalls, in a nutshell, are barriers designed to protect your computer from being accessed by other computers or […]

10 Ways to Save on I.T. in a Soft Economy

By Phil Robinson, Owner and Founder at i.t.NOW 1. Pay a Flat Monthly Rate One of the best ways to control I.T. costs is to partner with a service provider that charges a flat monthly fee to maintain your I.T. systems. This performance-based approach motivates your I.T. provider to prevent problems and keep your systems […]

Case Study: IndustryPro

In 2008 IndustryPro, an international mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, was looking for ways to streamline its business and cut overall operating costs. When the economy was hitting so many business, CEO Fred Zirkle was looking at ways he could trim back.  He decided that if he could get everyone to work from home, he […]