More Monitors Make You More Productive

How tedious is getting your work done on the computer when you have to constantly flip between documents, email, instant messaging, multiple web tabs, etc? Technology is always being updated to be more convenient and productive. Well you can increase your productivity a lot without any upgrade. Just get another monitor. What are the advantages […]

Monitoring Employee Computer Usage – Their Rights and Yours

What your employees do while on the clock concerns you and the company. You expect your employees to perform certain tasks with efficiency so the salary you pay is worth their output. When your employees are browsing the internet they are not only using company property but also using up the company’s time. So, it […]

How to Choose the Right Equipment for Your Office

Setting up your own business can be an exciting time. Of the many decisions that you need to make – from staff size to logos – one important item is the equipment that you purchase for your office. The right equipment can help boost you abilities and your productivity, while the wrong equipment can turn […]

How to Move Your Computer

Whether you’re simply changing the desk location of an employee or relocating your entire office, chances are that at some point your business will need to move your computer equipment. If the move is not done properly, you risk damaging the equipment or the data that is stored within the equipment. That’s why it’s important […]

Using A Password Manager

With the vast amount of secure, sensitive, or private information stored online and on business servers, there are endless warnings about the importance of strong and secure passwords, and using different passwords for each of your accounts. Passwords need to be difficult to guess for hackers and impossible for random computer programs to create. There […]