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The Importance of Computer Security

Too often, computer and network security is not thought about until a problem arises. At this point, a breach in security can cause huge and potentially harmful problems to your business and/or your customers. By setting up a security plan and an emergency action plan, you can know that the information held in your computers […]

Effective IT reporting can help your bottom line

Having reliable data is a critical component of running a successful business. It can help you to make really good decisions and prevent you from making really bad ones. One area of business information that is often sorely neglected and overlooked is technology data and reporting. Having some good data on the status of your […]

Windows 8 Tablets for Business

The new rage in mobile computing is the tablet, but some businesses have been left scratching their heads on how they can successfully integrate these devices into their networks. The main issue with most tablet devices is that they don’t run an operating system that is compatible with the business applications that you use on […]

How to Add an Exchange Email Account to Your iPhone

Below are the steps on how to add an Exchange account to your iPhone or iPod touch. (Note: you can configure only one Exchange account per device.) On your iPhone or iPod, tap Settings In the Settings menu, tap Mail then Contacts, then Calendars, then Add Account, then Microsoft Exchange. On the next screen (shown […]

4 Network Security Steps for Every Small Business

Just because your business network is small doesn’t mean that hackers won’t target you. The reality is that automated scanning techniques don’t care whether your network is large or small. The look for and exploit common security holes in network security regardless of size, which is why outsourcing your IT to an IT firm is one […]