Staying Up to Date with Software Patches

Install Software Program Updates Online Computer DownloadsIf you run any kind of business that requires computer software, which is pretty much any business, you’ll need to know all about software patches. These little updates will keep your business running smoothly.

What Is a Software Patch?

A patch is essentially an update that the developers of certain programs and operating systems send out to help protect your computers and programs and keep them running smoothly.

Why Do I Need It?

Patches may seem like a nuisance, since they often pop up on your screen and demand that you install them. However, that nuisance may be the thing that saves your computer from crashing. There are many reasons that you need patches, but here are a few of the most important.

Protection—Patches offer the latest protection from viruses and malware. New viruses and malware are introduced all the time, and without updated protection, your programs, or sometimes your entire operating system, can crash without any warning. Can you imagine the state of your business if that happened to you? Program and system developers do everything they can to stay on top of these viruses and send you protection in the form of security patches that you should download immediately.

Warranty Requirements—Every operating system comes with at least a limited warranty, and if you do not apply patches regularly, that warranty may be considered void.

Smooth Sailing—Unfortunately, programs and systems are never completely bug-free before they hit the market, so the developers continue to improve the usability of their products and send these updates to you in the form of a patch. These patches generally do not need to be applied immediately like security patches do because they are only meant to update the performance of a program or system.

Upgrading Versions—Some patches are meant to upgrade your version of a program or system to the latest one. You should take advantage of this, since developers are unable to continue making patches for old versions of a program or system.

How Do I Apply It?

Applying a patch is generally very simple. Usually your computer tells you through a pop-up window that you have updates waiting to be installed, you click through the instructions on the pop-up window, restart your computer, and you’re done.

However, because not every patch is perfect and can come with certain glitches, you might want to be wary about updating every time this happens, especially if you run your entire business with interconnected software.

If you are wary about installing patches, look into hiring a professional IT service who can help you recognize the good patches from the bad. If you run a business in Utah, give us a call to enlist our services today!